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Equipment Catalog

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  • 26G

    John Deere 26G

    • Engine preheater
    • Fan guard
    • Fuel / water separator
    • Key start switch with electric fuel shutoff
    • Auxiliary hydraulic lines to end of boom
    • Auxiliary function right-hand pilot-lever control
    • Excavator-to-backhoe control pattern change valve
    • 2 travel speeds with automatic shifting
    • Vandal protecti...
  • 35G

    John Deere 35G

    • Larger front windshield provides even better visibility; wider entryway eases entrance to/ exit from the more spacious operator station.
    • Multifunction monitor displays vital machine operating info, tracks engine and hydraulic oil maintenance intervals, and provides access to auto shutdown and economy/power modes.
    • Standard joystick pattern changer and auxiliary hydra...
2 products