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Cat DP115


  • With 460 cubic inches of displacement, this in-line, 6-cylinder engine is a great match for demanding applications. It delivers high torque, efficient fuel consumption, and cold-weather starting capabilities to 5°F. Operators will like swift acceleration, low noise, and extended performance.
  • By simply flipping a switch on the steering console, operators can manually lock the transmission into a lower gear for applications that require top speed control. This allows operators to match the transmission to the job: one-speed, two-speed, or three-speed automatic.
  • The automatic transmission offers precision inching and a high-stall torque converter for easy acceleration and exceptional control. An auto-shift feature automatically shifts gears up or down based on travel speed, so the lift truck starts out in first gear, helping to reduce stress on the drive train as well as premature wear on components.
  • The shoe-type service brakes provide positive braking action with nominal foot pedal pressure—even after the engine shuts down. Cooling fins on the brake drums help dissipate brake heat, and optional Oil Cooled Disc Brakes (OCDB) are available for more severe braking applications. An easy-to-reach, cowl-mounted lever actuates the mechanical parking brake.
  • Simplex masts tilt 15° forward and 10° back on models DP80 and DP90, and 15° forward and 12° back on DP100 - DP150. With widely spaced channels and twin lift cylinders positioned behind the uprights, these sturdy masts allow for good visibility as well as for fast lift and lowering speeds.


  • Lift Height:
    18 ft 1in
  • Stowed Height:
    10 ft 3 in
  • Overall Width:
    8 ft 2.5 in
  • Overall Length:
    14 ft 3.3 in
  • Machine Weight:
    33,800 lbs
  • Capacity at Max Height:
    11,500 lbs

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