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CAT 2P5000


  • Presence Detection System (PDS) helps protect operators and loads by disengaging transmission and hydraulic functions when the operator leaves the normal seated position or the parking brake is not set
  • Floating powertrain reduces noise and vibration from the engine, helping to reduce operator fatigue
  • Fully hydrostatic steer axle provides exceptionally lower steering effort than conventional steering systems
  • Ground speed control allows you to limit the travel speed without affecting performance
  • Fuel saver mode lowers fuel consumption, while maintaining productivity
  • Engine Protection System automatically reduces engine RPMs if engine coolant temperature gets too high
  • Underbelly screen helps prevent the radiator from clogging and the trucks from overheating due to debris being pulled into the fan or fan guard
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls—offer precise control with near effortless motion
  • Full-suspension swivel seat—turns 12 degrees to the right, allowing more natural movement for the operator when traveling in reverse
  • Rear handle with horn button—better operator support when driving in reverse
  • Engine shut down system—fail-safe if vital engine parameters are exceeded


  • Lift Height:
  • Stowed Height:
    7 ft 1 in
  • Overall Width:
    3 ft 10 in
  • Overall Length:
    8 ft 4 in
  • Machine Weight:
    9,800 lbs
  • Capacity at Max Height:
    2,500 lbs
  • PowerType: