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Terex RL4000


  • Dual self-braking winch design for fast and easy tower erection and extension.
  • 30 ft (almost 10 m) light height at full extension for excellent illumination at long distances.
  • 360 degree tower rotation to provide pin-point light positioning at your work site.
  • 4,000 Watts of light - enough to illuminate 7-1/2 acres.
  • Quiet 71 dBA sound levels at 23 feet (7 m).
  • Excellent fuel economy providing up to 60 hours of run time per tank of fuel.
  • Maintenance-friendly electrical assemblies make troubleshooting, service and repair a breeze.
  • 3 cylinder diesel engine powers a brushless self regulated type generator.
  • Centerpoint lifting bracket and fork lift pockets make transport easy.
  • Compact design allows up to 10 units per truck load.
  • Engine protection includes high water temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns.


  • Max Watts:
    4 x 1000 W

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